Thursday, November 27, 2008

Multiple C Class IP Hosting: An introduction

The most powerful tool for SEO currently is Multiple C Class IP hosting.
It isn't an entirely new strategy, it is just plain and simple old school backlink building with a twist.
Hosting on multiple C Class IPs just helps getting high quality backlinks with high link popularity to give your website a boost on the SERPs.
Over the next few weeks, I'll discuss the details in depth giving you all the little strategies you can blend with Multiple C Class IP hosting commonly known as seo hosting, to get optimum results.
For now, I'll just explain to you why we require Multiple C Class hosting also called SEO hosting if we're planning to play big with SEO.

Firstly, you need to understand that there are a lot of spammers on the internet and search engines try their best to combat spam with the help of highly complicated search engine filters. These Search Engine filters basically just detect spammy websites and black list them preventing them from being indexed and hence causing them heavy loss in terms of search engine traffic.

One technique webmasters use is creating multiple websites on their own and placing backlinks on these websites to their primary website. Search engine filters have methods to track down such spammers and automatically ban them. Hence Multiple C Class IP hosting comes in handy.
I will explain in detail what Multiple C Class IP Hosting actually is and how it works over the next few weeks. It is quite a simple thing to understand and is an extremely powerful tool so I wouldn't want you guys screwing it up with partial knowledge. I will be going in extreme detail about each and every portion of Multiple C Class IP Hosting when I make my next few posts.
Till then, you can just check out our recommended Multiple C Class IP hosting provider:
Page1hosting is one of the very few authentic SEO Hosting providers. I will explain the reasons behind this while giving you all the details about SEO hosting (hosting on different c class ips).

In my next post, I will discuss with you:

What Multiple C Class IPs are
How Search Engine filters track down spammers who create multiple websites for backlink building
How link popularity affects SEO
How Multiple C Class IP hosting affects link popularity

Monday, November 3, 2008

.edu backlinks absolutely free of cost!

If you're always scouting for .edu backlinks, here's your chance to get a hoard of backlinks from .edu domains.
It is said that .edu backlinks are more weighted than the regular backlinks from .com/.net/etc. domains since .edu domains carry a higher trust rank.

Wikis are an awesome source for picking up some nice backlinks and that's exactly what we're going to do. We will be using wikis on .edu domains to get ourselves some high value backlinks.

Here's a list of some nice .edu wikis that you could use to get backlinks to your website:

Free .edu backlinks

Now I'm going to explain to you how you can use .edu wikis to get some great backlinks to your website.
You obviously know what a Wiki is already, everybody knows what wikis are.

A Wiki is a kind of website that allows users to add, subtract, and sometimes edit the existing content written by other authors. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring and an excellent source for backlinking.
Backlinks from wikis are really useful because you can have anchor text too, this would prove great for ranking for specific keywords in Search Engines. As a matter of fact, WikiPedia itself is a wiki.

Just visit each wiki, sign up for an account, create a page for something informative, write up some nice information on the page and add your backlinks and submit the page. After the page is submitted, all you have to do is just build backlinks to that wiki page so it starts gaining some importance for the Search Engines.

NOTE: While writing a page on a Wiki, use the little buttons on the top for formating, Wikis don't follow the regular HTML format.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The SEO Hosting Guide

Welcome to the SEO Hosting guide,
To introduce myself first, I'm Jeff Thompson, a S.E.O expert. I've just started this blog to help the newbies with various sure shot techniques that would help them while optimizing their own websites.

SEO has crazy potential and can drive hundreds and thousands of targeted visitors to your website from Search Engines DAILY..!!
You just need to be well acquainted with the various SEO techniques and implement them correctly to boost the Search Engine rankings of your website.

I will be updating my blog almost daily with new techniques and tricks coming in everyday that could be of great help to you while promoting your website. Even though we will discuss almost all spheres of Search Engine Optimization, my main focus will be on Blogging for SEO.

I will teach you how to build blog farms and how to use Multiple C Class IP Hosting to your advantage to build numerous high quality backlinks without getting nuked for spam by Search Engine filters.


Oh yeah, forgot to add: Feel completely free to contact me in case you need to ask me for help.

Jeff. Thompson